Micro J-3 Cub-Thunder Tiger

No plane captures the essence of flying for fun quite like a J-3 Cub, which is why it makes such a great subject for the ParkZone line of ultra micro flyers. Now anyone can experience a little Cub magic with this 3-channel ultra micro flyer that you can fly just about anywhere. 

The ParkZone® J-3 Cub can be up and flying in as little time as it takes you to charge its battery and boasts features usually only found on much larger park flyers. The J-3 is small enough to be flown in your local gym or outdoors when winds are calm. Its realistic looks and spot-on Cub flight characteristics make for one of the most enjoyable flying experiences of any size.

  • Foamy Micro Park Flyer 

  • Factory Assembled , Decal Applied and Ready to Fly

  • Quick-attach Magnetic Retaining Wing 

  • 2.4GHz Radio w/ Proportion Control , Mold I and Mold II Convertible

  • All-in-one RX Board

  • 120mAh 15C Lipo Battery

  • Powerful Coreless Motor w/ 4.5x3 Propeller

  • Foam Wheel, non-steering , Possible to Take off from Ground

  • About 45-min. Charging and 7-min. Flight Time

  • Requires  4 AA Alkaline Dry Cell